Test Bank Microeconomics 1st Edition Acemoglu


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Test Bank Microeconomics 1st Edition Acemoglu



Test Bank Microeconomics 1st Edition Acemoglu

Table of Contents

1. The Principles and Practice of Economics
2. Economic Methods and Economic Questions
3. Optimization: Doing the Best You Can
4. Demand, Supply, and Equilibrium
5. Consumers and Incentives
6. Sellers and Incentives
7. Perfect Competition and the Invisible Hand
8. Trade
9. Externalities and Public Goods
10. The Government in the Economy: Taxation and Regulation
11. Markets for Factors of Production
12. Monopoly
13. Game Theory and Strategic Play
14. Oligopoly and Monopolistic Competition
15. Trade-offs Involving Time and Risk
16. The Economics of Information
17. Auctions and Bargaining
18. Social Economics

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Throughout Microeconomics , authors Daron Acemoglu, David Laibson, and John List use real economic questions and data to help students learn about the world around them. Taking a fresh approach, the authors use the themes of optimization, equilibrium and empiricism to illustrate the power of simple economic ideas, and their ability to explain, predict, and improve what happens in the world. Each chapter begins with an empirical question that is later answered using data in the Evidence-Based Economics feature. As a result of the text’s practical emphasis, students will learn to apply economic principles to guide the decisions they make in their own lives.


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