Test Bank Managerial Economics 12th Edition McGuigan

Test Bank Managerial Economics 12th Edition McGuigan

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Test Bank Managerial Economics 12th Edition McGuigan

Table of Contents

1. Introduction and Goals of the Firm.
2. Fundamental Economic Concepts.
3. Demand Analysis.
4. Estimating Demand.
5. Business and Economic Forecasting.
6. Managing in the Global Economy.
7. Production Economics.
8. Cost Analysis.
9. Applications of Cost Theory.
10. Prices, Output, & Strategy: Pure and Monopolistic Competition.
11. Price and Output Determination: Monopoly and Dominant Firms.
12. Price and Output Determination: Oligopoly.
13. Game-Theoretic Rivalry: Best-Practice Tactics.
14. Pricing Techniques and Analysis.
15. Contracting, Governance, and Organizational Form.
16. Government Regulation.
17. Long-Term Investment Analysis.

Appendix A. The Time Value of Money.
Appendix B. Tables.

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Packed with managerially oriented applications, MANAGERIAL ECONOMICS, 12th edition illustrates how managers apply theories and techniques to solve real-world problems while teaching future business leaders how to think analytically and make better decisions. Extremely user friendly, the text caters to a variety of learning styles as it presents key analytical concepts in several ways, including tabular analysis, graphical analysis, and algebraic analysis. Students learn in a format with which they are comfortable, making difficult material more accessible and easier to understand. The new 12th edition is concise, current, and cutting edge with an exciting and extremely relevant new focus on “green” businesses and business developments in the examples and applications. The seasoned author team balances traditional neoclassical micro theory with extensive coverage of the latest analytical tools in managerial economics, such as game-theoretic tactics, information economics, and organizational architecture.


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