Test Bank Management (Arab World Editions) 1st Edition Sidani


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Test Bank Management (Arab World Editions) 1st Edition Sidani



Test Bank Management (Arab World Editions) 1st Edition Sidani

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Introduction to management and organisations
Chapter 2 Management history
Chapter 3 Organisational culture and environment
Chapter 4 Managing in a global environment
Chapter 5 Social responsibility and managerial ethics
Chapter 6 Managers as decision-makers
Chapter 7 Foundations of planning
Chapter 8 Strategic management
Chapter 9 Organisational structure and design
Chapter 10 Managing human resources
Chapter 11 Managing teams
Chapter 12 Managing change and innovation
Chapter 13 Understanding individual behaviour
Chapter 14 Managers and communication
Chapter 15 Motivating employees
Chapter 16 Managers as leaders
Chapter 17 Introduction to controlling
Chapter 18 Managing operations

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For students taking an introductory course in Management in an Arab World perspective.Known for its real world examples that bring management theories to life, Management an Arab World Adaptation builds on the international success of Robbins and Coulter’s Management, providing engaging examples for students in the Arab World with a focus on perspectives, insights and cases from the region.


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