Test Bank Launching New Ventures 6th Edition Allen


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Test Bank Launching New Ventures 6th Edition Allen



Test Bank Launching New Ventures 6th Edition Allen

Table of Contents

1. Understanding Entrepreneurship.
2. Preparing for the Entrepreneurial Journey.
3. Recognizing and Shaping an Opportunity.
4. Developing and Testing a Business Model.
5. Analyzing the Industry and Market.
6. Analyzing Product/Service Design and Protection.
7. Building the Founding Team.
8. Calculating Startup Capital Requirements.
9. Proof of Concept: A New Approach to Business Plans.
10. Choosing the Legal Form of Organization.
11. Incorporating Ethics and Social Responsibility into the Business.
12. Designing an Entrepreneurial Organization.
13. Planning Startup Operations.
14. Developing a Startup Marketing Plan.
15. Funding a Startup Venture.
16. Funding a Rapidly Growing Venture.
17. Planning for Growth.
18. Planning for Change.


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LAUNCHING NEW VENTURES provides tomorrow’s entrepreneurs with the tools to launch a successful new business in a global marketplace. The text follows the logical development process, from initial idea through drafting of the actual business plan. The sixth edition represents the most current thoughts, ideas, and practices in the field of entrepreneurship. Allen focuses on the pre-startup and startup stages of a new business, with special emphasis on the process and activities that must take place prior to opening a new business. The student-friendly material includes real-world case studies, new venture action plans, and advice from successful entrepreneurs and the author herself. Part One introduces the foundations of entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial opportunity that are important to understanding the decisions that entrepreneurs make, the environment in which they make those decisions, and the tasks they must undertake before launching a new company. Part Two addresses the heart of entrepreneurial activity–the testing of a new business concept through feasibility analysis. Part Three focuses on strategy and drafting the business plan. Part Four looks at planning for growth and change in the new organization.


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