Test Bank International Marketing Canadian 3rd Edition Cateora


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Test Bank International Marketing Canadian 3rd Edition Cateora



Test Bank International Marketing Canadian 3rd Edition Cateora

Table of Contents

1. The Scope and Challenge of International Marketing
2. The Dynamic Environment of International Marketing
3. Canada in the World: An International Marketing Perspective
4. Cultural Dynamics of International Markets
5. The Economic and Technological Environments
6. The Political and Legal Environments
7. Developing a Global Vision Through Marketing Research
8. Market Groups and Regions
9. Emerging Markets
10. Strategies for International Expansion
11. The International Marketing Mix: Products and Services
12. The International Marketing Mix: Distribution
13. The International Marketing Mix: Pricing
14. The International Marketing Mix: Integrated Communications
15. Negotiating in International Markets
16. Managing International Marketing
17. The Future of International Marketing: Trends, Ethics, and “The Canadian Way”

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International Marketing, Third Canadian Edition takes a pioneering approach that makes the material accessible and relevant, and has become the standard by which other books are judged. Its strengths include superiority in breadth of topical coverage, orientation to current issues facing managers and consumers, outstanding blend of theory and practice, sensitivity to students’ pedagogical needs, and high quality supplemental materials. The text is grounded on contemporary international marketing know-how and illustrates concepts and developments with numerous vignettes, exhibits, photos, cases, and other means—all to arrive at a lively picture of international marketing that does justice to the reality of the field itself. The Third Canadian Edition retains and expands the popular pedagogical features of its predecessor, and reflects all the important events and innovations to affect global business within recent years.


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