Test Bank Foundations of Economics 5th Edition Bade

Test Bank Foundations of Economics 5th Edition Bade


Test Bank Foundations of Economics 5th Edition Bade

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Test Bank Foundations of Economics 5th Edition Bade

Table of Contents

1. Getting Stated
2. The U.S. and Global Economies
3. The Economic Problem
4. Demand and Supply
5. Elasticities of Demand and Supply
6. Efficiency and Fairness of Markets
7. Government Actions in Markets
8. Taxes
9. Global Markets in Action
10. Public Goods and Public Choices
11. Externalities and The Environment
12. Consumer Choice and Demand
13. Production and Cost
14. Perfect Competition
15. Monopoly
16. Monopolistic Competition
17. Oligopoly
18. Markets for Factors of Production
19. Inequality and Poverty
20. GDP: A Measure of Total Production and Income
21. Jobs and Unemployment
22. The CPI and the Cost of Living
23. Potential GDP and the Natural Unemployment Rate
24. Economic Growth
25. Finance, Saving, and Investment
26. The Monetary System
27. Money, Interest, and Inflation
28. Aggregate Supply and Aggregate Demand
29. Aggregate Expenditure
30. The Short-Run Policy Tradeoff
31. Fiscal Policy
32. Monetary Policy
33. International Finance

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The Foundations of Economics by Bade/Parkin, fifth edition shines with a well-targeted content adjustment making it one of the most relevant and up-to-date Principles of Economics texts on the market today. In-text examples, dynamic chapter openers, and applications contain compelling content and real-world issues. We elevated MyEconLab (MEL) and integrated the story to ensure that it is a more visual feature. This edition capitalizes on the seamless connection between the text and the e-environment to highlight how the authors’ emphasis on continuous practice is integrated throughout the entire Bade/Parkin learning system. The fifth edition MyEconLab course and the accompanying print supplements were written in tandem with the textbook.


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