Test Bank Financial Accounting 2nd Edition Kemp


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Test Bank Financial Accounting 2nd Edition Kemp



Test Bank Financial Accounting 2nd Edition Kemp

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Business, Accounting, and You
Chapter 2: Analyzing and Recording Business Transactions
Chapter 3: Adjusting and Closing Entries
Chapter 4: Accounting for a Merchandising Business
Chapter 5: Inventory
Chapter 6: Ethics, Internal Control, and IFRS
Chapter 7: Cash and Receivables
Chapter 8: Long-Term and Other Assets
Chapter 9: Current Liabilities and Long-Term Debt
Chapter 10: Corporations: Paid-In Capital and Retained Earnings
Chapter 11: The Statement of Cash Flows
Chapter 12: Financial Statement Analysis


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Once readers see that accounting is the language of business, they are on their way to academic and professional success. Financial Accounting translates the essentials of accounting to readers so they understand why and when financially sound decisions are made in business today.


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