Test Bank Cognitive Psychology 2nd Edition Robinson-Riegler


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Test Bank Cognitive Psychology 2nd Edition Robinson-Riegler



Test Bank Cognitive Psychology 2nd Edition Robinson-Riegler

Table of Contents

Chapter 1–An Introduction to Cognition
Chapter 2–Research Methods in Cognition
Chapter 3—Basics of Perception and Awareness
Chapter 4 – Attending to and Manipulating Information
Chapter 5 – Identification and Classification
Chapter 6 – Encoding and Retrieval Processes in Long-Term Memory
Chapter 7 – Memory Distortions
Chapter 8 —- Remembering the Past
Chapter 9 – Knowledge Representation and Retrieval
Chapter 10 –Language
Chapter 11 – Problem Solving
Chapter 12 – Reasoning, Judgment, and Decision Making

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Cognitive Psychology: Applying the Science of the Mind, Second Edition, intended primarily for the undergraduate cognitive psychology course, combines clear yet rigorous descriptions of key empirical findings and theoretical principles with frequent real-world examples, strong learning pedagogy, and a straightforward organization.
Engagingly written, the text weaves five empirical threads — neuroscience, consciousness, individual differences, development, and culture — throughout the text to help students integrate the material. The text’s organization offers an intuitive description of cognition that enhances student understanding by organizing chapters around the flow of a piece of information that enters the cognitive system.


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