Test Bank Children Families Continuum Care 2nd Edition Bowden Greenberg


Test Bank Children Families Continuum Care 2nd Edition Bowden Greenberg



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1. A nurse is trying to reduce a mother’s anxiety about her child being in the hospital. Which would be the best way to accomplish this?
A) Tell the mother about the tests being performed.
B) Let the mother know you will relay any messages she has for the doctor.
C) Include the mother in the medical decision making.
D) Address all the mother’s concerns promptly.

2. A newborn is being discharged from the hospital. What information would be important to give the parents to help them identify a medical home?
A) Resources of local pediatricians’ offices
B) Information about pediatric urgent care facilities
C) Education about what is appropriate emergency room use
D) Referral to local pediatric specialists

3. There are several ways an open family system can be influenced by adjoining systems. Which of the following would the nurse know the family might be influenced by?
A) The television
B) The radio
C) The parent’s work
D) The Internet

4. The nurse is working with a family that would be considered a reconstituting family. Which of the following would be the best approach for this type of family?
A) The nurse would teach about care of their newborn.
B) The nurse would provide health resources for the child going to college.
C) The nurse would help stabilize the bond between the parents.
D) The nurse would provide resources for children of divorce.

5. A nurse recognizes that a family is in crisis, and according to the crisis theory, which of the following could the nurse do to help the family return to equilibrium?
A) Refer the parents for help from social services.
B) Decrease the details of the medical care the child is receiving.
C) Do not allow extended family in the room.
D) Avoid clarifying misconceptions of the event.

6. A nurse is working with a family in crisis and is considering the xX factor. Which of the following would be a goal in this stage to restore a sense of homeostasis?
A) Allow the crisis to facilitate change within the family.
B) The family should return to its precrisis state of existence.
C) The family adapts to a new family system to facilitate coping.
D) The crisis will result in maladaptation for a period of time.

7. A nurse is working with a family whose newborn was recently diagnosed with cerebral palsy. According to the FAAR model, what would the nurse do to best promote family adaptation?
A) Refer the family to counseling.
B) Refer the family to the chaplain.
C) Encourage the family’s positive coping mechanisms.
D) Try to analyze the unhealthy ways the family is coping.

8. A nurse is assessing a family with a married couple and their immediate biological children. How would the nurse document the description of this family?
A) Nuclear
B) Extended
C) Single-parent
D) Blended

9. A family is getting divorced and is asking about what is best for the children. How should the nurse approach this question?
A) The nurse should give them his or her personal contact number for future help.
B) The nurse should encourage the father to be involved in the care of the children.
C) The nurse should direct the information towards the mother.
D) The nurse should make a follow-up call to see what the family’s decision was.

10. A gay couple is considering adopting a newborn and they want to know the long-term outcomes for children in gay families. What is the best response by the nurse?
A) Their psychological health is similar to children of heterosexual parents.
B) Their social relationships are usually more strained.
C) This type of adoption is not recommended for a newborn.
D) There is lack of evidence on how this will impact the children.

11. While on a mission trip, a nurse works with a family who has one husband and several wives. How would this family be documented?
A) Polygamous family
B) Monogamous family
C) Gay or lesbian family
D) Extended family

12. The parents of a newborn are asking what they can do to help make a healthy family with their newborn. Based on the research, what is the best response by the nurse?
A) The healthy family usually has a shared power level.
B) The healthy family usually has a leader role.
C) The healthy family focuses on the mistakes on the past.
D) The healthy family has a sense of humor.

13. Parents who recently adopted a child are asking how they should handle telling the child of the adoption and answering future questions about the biological parents.
A) It is best to not tell them they were adopted.
B) The child should not be told anything about the biological parents.
C) The child should have the opportunity to learn about the biological parents.
D) The child should not know how or why they were adopted.

14. A nurse is caring for a child recently removed from the home of abusive parents. The foster parents are asking how soon the child should be examined after removal from the home.
A) Within one week
B) Within two days
C) Within one month
D) Within two weeks

15. A child is placed recently in a new foster home and states the guardians are being “mean” towards them. What is the best response by the nurse?
A) The nurse should avoid further questions since the child is trying to just go back home.
B) The nurse should ask further questions about situation.
C) The nurse should immediately call the caseworker.
D) The nurse should call the police.

16. A parent is getting a tour of the NICU since they are having triplets. They are asking what some of the long-term complications are of premature birth. What is the best response by the nurse?
A) Some of the children can have hearing loss.
B) The risks are the same as if they were born full term.
C) Premature infants more than likely will have some degree of cerebral palsy.
D) The infants will have mental retardation.

17. A nurse is assisting a grandparent who recently took custody of her grandchildren. What is the best way the nurse can assist the grandparent with the transition?
A) Refer the grandparent to the AARP.
B) Assist the grandparent in finding more suitable housing for the child.
C) Have a meeting with the parents and grandparents of the child.
D) Make sure there are strict rules in the new living situation.

18. A nurse is performing home visits with teen mothers. Which of the following would help build on the strengths of teen motherhood?
A) The ability to raise a child without a partner
B) The access to qualify for welfare
C) The ability to care for oneself without support
D) The energy and physical strength of the teen

19. A school nurse is assessing a child whose parents have left bruises on the child’s skin. The child states they hurt, but it was to make her feel better since she was sick. How should the nurse interpret this?
A) The nurse should just disregard it since this is common folk practice.
B) The nurse needs to consider this as abuse even though it is a cultural practice.
C) The nurse should let the principal handle the situation.
D) The nurse should immediately call the police.

20. A child is being adopted from another country. The parents are asking what kind of testing should be performed on the child. What is the best response by the nurse?
A) An HIV test
B) Kidney x-ray
C) CT scan of the head
D) Electrolyte panel

Answer Key

1. C
2. A
3. C
4. D
5. A
6. C
7. C
8. A
9. B
10. A
11. A
12. A
13. C
14. B
15. B
16. A
17. A
18. D
19. B
20. A


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