Test Bank Cengage Advantage Books 3rd Edition Miller

Test Bank Cengage Advantage Books 3rd Edition Miller

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Test Bank Cengage Advantage Books 3rd Edition Miller

Table of Contents

1. Business and Its Legal Environment.
2. The Courts and Alternative Dispute Resolution.
3. Ethics and Business Decision Making.
4. Constitutional Authority to Regulate Business.
5. Administrative Law.
6. Torts and Product Liability.
7. Criminal Law and Cyber Crimes.
8. Intellectual Property and Internet Law.
9. International Law in a Global Economy.
10. Business Organizations.
11. Contract Formation.
12. Contract Performance, Breach, and Remedies.
13. Sales, Leases, and E-Contracts.
14. Creditors’ Rights and Bankruptcy.
15. Employment, Immigration, and Labor Law.
16. Employment Discrimination.
17. Environmental Law.
18. Antitrust Law and Promoting Competition.
19. Investor Protection and Corporate Governance.


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Get your money’s worth with ESSENTIALS OF THE LEGAL ENVIRONMENT! This affordable text offers complete one-semester coverage of business law and its environment in a non-technical, straightforward, and engaging style. Authors Miller, Cross, and Jentz explain legal issues and court decisions in a way that pares down legal jargon while still conveying what you need to know to succeed in your course and in the legal environment.


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