Test Bank Canadian Human Resource Management 10th Edition Schwind


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Test Bank Canadian Human Resource Management 10th Edition Schwind



Test Bank Canadian Human Resource Management 10th Edition Schwind

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Strategic Importance of Human Resource Management
Chapter 2: Job Analysis and Design
Chapter 3: Human Resource Planning
Chapter 4: Meeting Legal Requirements
Chapter 5: Recruitment
Chapter 6: Selection
Chapter 7: Orientation, Training and Development and Career Planning
Chapter 8: Performance Management
Chapter 9: Compensation
Chapter 10: Employee Benefits and Services
Chapter 11: Managing Employee Relations
Chapter 12: Ensuring Health and Safety in the Workplace
Chapter 13: The Union–Management Framework
Chapter 14: International Human Resource Management

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chwind Canadian Human Resource Management: A Strategic Approach 10e focuses on the strategic contribution of the human resource function in organizations. The balanced coverage of theory and practice, including coverage of key human resource concepts, issues, and emerging concerns, has made Schwind the choice of over 60 universities and colleges across Canada and earned it the honour of being the best-selling human resource management text in the country.
So, how do you make the market leader even better? A refresh. An update. A brand new design. Two new authors: Neil Fassina from NAIT, and Julie Bulmash from George Brown College, bring a fresh perspective to the proven and distinguished writing team of Hermann Schwind and Terry Wagar. Add a new International HRM chapter and a streamlined table of contents that reduces the chapter count to a manageable 14, and you have a refreshed and updated Schwind.


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