Test Bank Business in Action 6th Edition Bovee


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Test Bank Business in Action 6th Edition Bovee



Test Bank Business in Action 6th Edition Bovee

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Developing a Business Mind-Set
Chapter 2: Understanding Basic Economics
Chapter 3: The Global Marketplace
Chapter 4: Business Ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility
Chapter 5: Forms of Ownership
Chapter 6: Entrepreneurship and Small Business Ownership
Chapter 7: Management Roles, Functions, and Skills
Chapter 8: Organization and Teamwork
Chapter 9: Production Systems
Chapter 11: Employee Development and Support
Chapter 12: Management-Workforce Relations
Chapter 13: The Art and Science of Marketing
Chapter 14: Product and Pricing Strategies
Chapter 15: Distribution and Marketing Logistics
Chapter 16: Customer Communication
Chapter 17: Financial Information and Accounting Concepts
Chapter 18: Financial Management
Chapter 19: Financial Markets and Investment Strategies
Chapter 20: The Money Supply and Banking Systems


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For courses in Introduction to Business.
An introduction to business text can be complete without being complex and overwhelming—and this text proves it!
Business in Action is uniquely positioned to help today’s students become tomorrow’s focused, highly productive business professionals. It is the only introduction to business text that emphasizes efficient, focused, objectives-driven learning in every aspect.
This new sixth edition takes efficiency and student-friendly design to an entirely new level, with more than 150 Figures That Teach.


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