Test Bank Business Communication 4th Edition Locker

Test Bank Business Communication 4th Edition Locker


Test Bank Business Communication 4th Edition Locker

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Test Bank Business Communication 4th Edition Locker

Table of Contents

1. Business Communication, Management, and Success
2. Adapting Your Message to Your Audience
3. Communicating across Cultures
4. Planning, Writing, and Revising
5. Designing Documents, Slides, and Screens
6. You-Attitude
7. Positive Emphasis
8. Reader Benefits
9. Formats for Letters and Memos
10. Informative and Positive Messages
11. Negative Messages
12. Persuasive Messages
13. E-Mail Messages and Web Writing
14. Editing for Grammar and Punctuation
15. Choosing the Right Word
16. Revising Sentences and Paragraphs
17. Listening
18. Working and Writing in Teams
19. Planning, Conducting, and Recording Meetings
20. Making Oral Presentations
21. Proposals and Progress Reports
22. Finding, Analyzing, and Documenting Information
23. Short Reports
24. Long Reports
25. Using Visuals
26. Researching Jobs
27. Résumés
28. Job Application Letters
29. Job Interviews
30. Follow-Up Letters and Calls and Job Offers

Descriptions (We sell test banks and solutions manuals only)

Business Communication: Building Critical Skills provides a unique approach to a hands-on course, devised and created in its previous editions by Kitty Locker, with the assistance of a community college colleague, Stephen Kaczmarek. The innovative module structure allows instructors to focus on specific skills and provides greater flexibility for short courses and different teaching approaches. While grounded in solid business communication fundamentals, this text takes a strong workplace activity orientation which helps students build the writing, speaking, and listening skills that are crucial for success in the 21st-century workplace.

About the Authors

Kitty O. Locker
was an Associate Professor of English at The Ohio State University, where she taught courses in workplace discourse and resarch methods. She has also taught at Texas A&M University and the University of Illinois at Urbana. She received her BA from DePauw University and her MC and PhD from the University of Illinois at Urbana. She is very well known for her research background and her research in progress includes work on collaborative writing in the classroom and the workplace. She has served as the Interim Editor of the Bulletin of the Association of Business Communication and in 1994-5 as President of the Association for Business Communication. From 1997 – 2000, she edited ABC’s Journal of Business Communication.

is an Associate Professor at Columbus State Community College and a Lecturer at The Ohio State University. He teaches courses in business and technical communication, composition, creative writing, journalism, public relations, film and literature and freshman experience. He has also taught public relations at Ohio Dominican College. He received an MA in English and BAs in journalism and English from Ohio State. Steve has presented papers at conferences such as the Association for Busienss Communication, Northeast Modern Language Association, College English Association of Ohio, and Conferences on College Composition and Communication. Steve has served on ABC’s Two-Year College Committee and on ABC’s Diversity Committeee.


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