Solution Manual Strategic Marketing 10th Edition Cravens


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Solution Manual Strategic Marketing 10th Edition Cravens



Solution Manual Strategic Marketing 10th Edition Cravens

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Imperatives for Market-Driven Strategy
Chapter 2 Markets And Competitive Space
Chapter 3 Strategic Market Segmentation
Chapter 4 Strategic Customer Relationship Management
Chapter 5 Capabilities For Learning About Customers and Markets
Chapter 6 Market Targeting and Strategic Positioning
Chapter 7 Strategic Relationships
Chapter 8 Innovation and New Product Strategy
Chapter 9 Strategic Brand Management
Chapter 10Value Chain Strategy
Chapter 11 Pricing Strategy
Chapter 12Promotion, Advertising and Sales Promotion Strategies
Chapter 13Sales Force, Internet and Direct Marketing Strategies
Chapter 14Designing Market-Driven Organizations
Chapter 15Marketing Strategy Implementation and Control


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Designed around the marketing strategy process with a clear emphasis on analysis, planning, and implementation, this text and casebook discusses the concepts and processes for gaining a competitive advantage in the marketplace. The new edition of Strategic Marketing uses a decision-making process to examine the key concepts and issues involved in analyzing and selecting strategies. Marketing strategy is considered from a total business perspective, examining marketing strategy beyond the traditional emphasis on marketing functions. The length and design of the book offer flexibility in the use of the text material and cases. New features and updated cases have made this text the most relevant text in the market today.


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