Solution Manual Psychology 10th Edition Wade

Solution Manual Psychology 10th Edition Wade

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Solution Manual Psychology 10th Edition Wade

Table of Contents

1. What is Psychology?
2. How Psychologists Do Research
3. Genes, Evolution, and Environment
4. The Brain: Source of Mind and Self
5. Body Rhythms and Mental States
6. Sensation and Perception
7. Learning and Conditioning
8. Behavior in Social and Cultural Context
9. Thinking and Intelligence
10. Memory
11. Emotion, Stress, and Health
12. Motivation
13. Development Over the Lifespan
14. Theories of Personality
15. Psychological Disorders
16. Approaches to Treatment and Therapy


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For one-semester introductory psychology courses in both two and four-year colleges and universities.
This text emphasizes the importance of critical thinking and the integration of culture and gender in the science of psychology. Well-known for its pioneering focus on the development of critical thinking skills crucial to students’ success in college and in later life, Psychology by Wade & Tavris is also widely regarded for the liveliness, warmth, and clarity of its writing style. Continuing its tradition of integrating gender, culture, and ethnicity throughout the text, Psychology provides a comprehensive introduction to the field.


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