Solution Manual Product and Process Design Principles 3rd Edition Seider

Solution Manual Product and Process Design Principles 3rd Edition Seider

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Solution Manual Product and Process Design Principles 3rd Edition Seider

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Chemical Product Design.
2. Product-Development Process.
3. Materials Technology for Basic Chemicals: Molecular-Structure Design.
4. Process Creation for Basic Chemicals.
5. Simulation to Assist in Process Creation.
6. Heuristics for Process Synthesis.
7. Reactor Design and Synthesis of Networks Containing Reactors.
8. Synthesis of Separation Trains.
9. Heat and Power Integration.
10. Mass Integration.
11. Optimal Design and Scheduling of Batch Processes.
12. Plantwide Controllability Assessment.
13. Basic Chemicals Product Design Case Studies.
14. Materials and Process/Manufacturing Technologies for Industrial Chemical Products.
15. Industrial Chemicals Product Design Case Studies.
16. Materials, Process/Manufacturing, and Product Technologies for Congured Consumer Products.
17. Congured Consumer Product Design Case Studies.
18. Heat Exchanger Design.
19. Separation Tower Design.
20. Pumps, Compressors, and Expanders.
21. Polymer Compounding.
22. Cost Accounting and Capital Cost Estimation.
23. Annual Costs, Earnings, and Protability Analysis.
24. Design Optimization.
25. Six-Sigma Design Strategies.
26. Written Reports and Oral Presentations.


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Armed with this book, chemical engineers will have a collection of modern strategies for the design of chemical products and processes. It emphasizes a systematic approach and integrates product design more thoroughly throughout the chapters. New case studies on process design are included to make the concepts more relevant. The social aspects and economics of product design are introduced, and the Stage-Gate Product Development Process is explored in parallel tracks for several chemical products. The accompanying registration card grants access to a companion website that also provides chemical engineers with numerous examples of the simulator input and output, with frame-by-frame instructions to discuss the nature of the models provided for the processing units.


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