Solution Manual IPC 1st Edition West


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Solution Manual IPC 1st Edition West



Solution Manual IPC 1st Edition West

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Interpersonal Communication.
2. Communication, Perception, and the Self.
3. Communication, Culture, and Identity.
4. Communicating Verbally.
5. Communicating Nonverbally.
6. Effective Listening.
7. Communication and Emotion.
8. Sharing Personal Information.
9. Communicating Conflict.
10. Communicating in Close Relationships.
11. Technology and Interpersonal Communication.

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West and Turner’s IPC empowers your students by providing both the knowledge and practical skills they need to make choices as effective communicators in today’s rapidly changing and technologically advanced society. The text eliminates the perceived division between theory and practice and clarifies their fundamental interconnections. The text powerfully supports skill development by exploring communication concepts in tandem with realistic scenarios and concrete behavior choices students can make in order to become more effective communicators. Rather than “telling” students how to communicate, the authors provide a “toolbox” of key skills pertaining to each theory so students can actively choose and experiment with strategies appropriate for a given situation. Filled with realistic examples and scenarios that reflect the diversity and interactions of today’s students, IPC makes clear connections between theory, skills, and the life situations we all encounter on a daily basis.


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