Solution Manual Global Politics 1st Edition Boyer


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Solution Manual Global Politics 1st Edition Boyer



Solution Manual Global Politics 1st Edition Boyer

Table of Contents

Chapter 1- Thinking about Global Politics
Chapter 2- Interpreting Power: A Levels-of-Analysis Approach
Chapter 3- Nations, States, and Identity
Chapter 4- Globalization: Politics from Above and Below
Chapter 5- International Organizations: Global and Regional Governance
Chapter 6- Pursuing Security
Chapter 7- Conflict and Conflict Management
Chapter 8- International Law and Transitional Justice
Chapter 9- Global Political Economy- Protecting Wealth in the Dominant System
Chapter 10- Global Political Economy- Searching for Equity in the Dependent System
Chapter 11- Human Rights: A Tool for Preserving and Enhancing Human Dignity
Chapter 12- Global Political Ecology


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What are the crucial elements of a strong Global Politics program? This is the question we posed to instructors around the country. The answer: critical thinking and theory. These constitute the foundation of Global Politics: Engaging a Complex World. This contemporary presentation stresses the importance of global events and offers students a number of lenses through which to view the world around them.
With Connect, Global Politics is an integrated print and digital content program geared toward undergraduate students taking a first-time international relations course. This highly accessible, comprehensive, yet concise text will help students develop a deep appreciation of global politics—equipping them to encounter the threats and opportunities of their generation.


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