Solution Manual Fundamentals of Selling 11th Edition Futrell


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Solution Manual Fundamentals of Selling 11th Edition Futrell



Solution Manual Fundamentals of Selling 11th Edition Futrell

Table of Contents

Chapter 1. The Life, Times, and Career of the Professional Salesperson
Chapter 2. Relationship Marketing: Where Personal Selling Fits
Chapter 3. Ethics First … Then Customer Relationships
Chapter 4. The Psychology of Selling: Why People Buy
Chapter 5. Communication for Relationship Building: It’s Not All Talk
Chapter 6. Sales Knowledge: Customers, Products, Technologies
Chapter 7. Prospecting—the Lifeblood of Selling
Chapter 8. Planning the Sales Call Is a Must!
Chapter 9. Carefully Select Which Sales Presentation Method to Use
Chapter 10. Begin Your Presentation Strategically
Chapter 11. Elements of a Great Sales Presentation
Chapter 12. Welcome Your Prospect’s Objections
Chapter 13. Closing Begins the Relationship
Chapter 14. Service and Follow-Up for Customer Retention
Chapter 15. Time, Territory, and Self-Management: Keys to Success
Chapter 16. Planning, Staffing, and Training Successful Salespeople
Chapter 17. Motivation, Compensation, Leadership, and Evaluation of Salespeople


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Fundamentals of Selling trains readers on a detailed, yet broad, step-by-step selling process that is universal in nature. This market leading text has scores of sales personnel in the industry today commenting on how this textbook reflects what they do on sales calls with prospects and customers. The goal of Fundamentals of Selling has always been to demonstrate to students the order of steps within the selling process; provide numerous examples of what should be in each step; and how the steps within the selling process interact with one another. Combined with up-to-date content and a strong ethical focus, the 11th edition of Fundamentals of Selling teaches sales the way a mentor would: with a strong, practical focus that puts the customer first.


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