Solution Manual Corporate Finance 1st Edition Berk


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Solution Manual Corporate Finance 1st Edition Berk



Solution Manual Corporate Finance 1st Edition Berk

Table of Contents

Ch.1: Corporate Finance and the Financial Manager
Ch.2: Introduction to Financial Statement Analysis
Ch.3: The Valuation Principle: The Foundation of Financial Decision Making
Ch.4: NPV and the Time Value of Money
Ch.5: Interest Rates
Ch.6: Bonds
Ch.7: Investment Decision Rules
Ch.8: Fundamentals of Capital Budgeting
Ch.9: Valuing Stocks
Ch.10: Risk and Return in Capital Markets
Ch.11: Systematic Risk and the Equity Risk Premium
Ch.12: The Cost of Capital
Ch.13: Raising Capital
Ch.14: Debt Financing
Ch.15: Capital Structure
Ch.16: Payout Policy
Ch.17: Financial Modeling and Pro Forma Analysis
Ch.18: Working Capital Management
Ch.19: Short-Term Financial Planning
Ch.20: Option Applications and Corporate Finance
Ch.21: Insurance and Risk Management
Ch.22: International Corporate Finance

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For students taking a undergraduate corporate finance or financial management course.
The core concepts you expect. The new ideas you want. The pedagogy your students need to succeed. Fundamentals of Corporate Finance’s applied perspective cements students’ understanding of the modern-day core principles by equipping students with a problem-solving methodology and profiling real-life financial management practices, all within a clear valuation framework.


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