Solution Manual Canadian Business and the Law 4th Edition Duplessis


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Solution Manual Canadian Business and the Law 4th Edition Duplessis



Solution Manual Canadian Business and the Law 4th Edition Duplessis

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Knowledge of Law as a Business Asset
Chapter 2: The Canadian Legal System
Chapter 3: Managing Legal Risks
Chapter 4: Dispute Resolution
Chapter 5: An Introduction to Contracts
Chapter 6: Forming Contractual Relationships
Chapter 7: The Terms of a Contract
Chapter 8: Non-enforcement of Contracts
Chapter 9: Termination and Enforcement of Contracts
Chapter 10: Introduction to Tort Law
Chapter 11: The Tort of Negligence
Chapter 12: Other Torts Part Four: Structuring Business Activity
Chapter 13: The Agency Relationship
Chapter 14: Business Forms and Arrangements
Chapter 15: The Corporate Form: Organizational Matters
Chapter 16: The Corporate Form: Operational Matters Part Five: Property
Chapter 17: Personal Property
Chapter 18: Intellectual Property
Chapter 19: Real Property
Chapter 20: The Employment Relationship
Chapter 21: Terminating the Employment Relationship
Chapter 22: Professional Services
Chapter 23: Sales and Marketing: The Contract, Product, and Promotion
Chapter 24: Sales and Marketing: Price, Distribution, and Risk Management
Chapter 25: Business and Banking
Chapter 26: The Legal Aspects of Credit
Chapter 27: Bankruptcy and Insolvency
Chapter 28: Insurance Index

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The book is written from a strictly managerial perspective that presents legal knowledge as a business asset that builds competitive advantage. Readers learn about what circumstances place an individual and an organization at legal risk and, most importantly, what they can do to manage that risk.
Canadian Business & the Law helps readers recognize the risks associated with today?s workplace by Explaining the basic legal principles and concepts in a business context that is engaging and relevant; Reinforcing that all aspects of the legal environment necessitate active management; and Applying to business situations that contain both legal and managerial implications, to help develop a concrete understanding of why the law matters in a business context.


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