Solution Manual Calculus 7th Edition Edwards


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Solution Manual Calculus 7th Edition Edwards



Solution Manual Calculus 7th Edition Edwards

Table of Contents

1 Functions, Graphs, and Models
2 Prelude to Calculus
3 The Derivative
4 Additional Applications of the Derivative
5 The Integral
6 Applications of the Integral
7 Techniques of Integration
8 Differential Equations
9 Polar Coordinates and Parametric Curves
10 Infinite Series
11 Vectors, Curves, and Surfaces in Space
12 Partial Differentiation
13 Multiple Integrals
14 Vector Calculus


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This text is rigorous, fairly traditional and is appropriate for engineering and science calculus tracks. Hallmarks are accuracy, strong engineering and science applications, deep problem sets (in quantity, depth, and range), and spectacular visuals.


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